Credit, personal loan: what are their particularities?

What are the types of credits?

Mortgage credit

It is a credit that is secured by a mortgage. The mortgage acts as security for the lending financial institution.

Revolving credit

It is a way of borrowing that offers the possibility for a consumer to freely and permanently have a sum of money.

Personal loan

A solution to carry out your projects without having to wait too long to save enough, or having to dip into your savings.

Affected credit

The restricted loan is linked to a specific purchase. The loaned money can only be used for the specified purchase.

Economists, credit and confidence

Credit otherwise

Credit otherwise

In finance, credit encompasses all forms of making money available, whether in the form of bank loan agreements or payment terms from a supplier to a customer. It is an advance of a sum of money, given by a financial institution, finance company or bank to a customer in return for a remuneration given in the form of a rate. The amount is determined in advance, and the sum loaned is repaid with interest in several installments over a period of time defined at the time of subscription.

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Consumer credit is intended for transactions other than those associated with real estate. It allows the purchase of consumer goods such as furniture, computers…. The amount of credit is between €200 and €75,000, and the repayment period is more than 3 months. Several forms of consumer credit exist such as personal loans or revolving credit.

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Consumer Credit: Personal Loan

Loan Insurance

The insurance of a consumer loan is not compulsory, but may be advised by the lending institution, in particular with regard to risks related to death and disability.

Consumer Credit Agreement

The consumer credit agreement is concluded between a borrower and a lender. The borrower and the lender must each have a copy of the agreement.

Free consumer credit

Un crédit est dit gratuit si son taux d'intérêt est nul et que la somme remboursée est égale à la somme empruntée. Il est proposé sur le lieu de vente.