Credit, definition and types

The simple definition of a credit is the provision by a creditor to a debtor of a sum of money or property against a signed commitment to repay within a given period of time. By this definition it is linked…

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How to evaluate your debt ratio?

The debt ratio is a mandatory condition of banks and credit institutions to grant you a loan. A calculation is carried out by these entities in order to check whether you have the capacity to support the repayment of a…

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How to obtain a loan between individuals?

Obtaining credit is done through a traditional circuit involving the bank or financial institution and the applicant. However, it should be noted that this is not the only option for those who would like to borrow money. Indeed, the loan…

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How long does it take to obtain a microcredit?

It is no longer easy to obtain credit from conventional financial institutions as quickly as it used to be, due to their increasing mistrust and the repayment guarantees required. Microcredit is therefore proving to be a good way to quickly…

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