Which solution for your renovation and home improvement work?

Published on : 22 June 20204 min reading time

You have just bought a house and you want to renovate it quickly? Does your home need some work to improve its comfort? A works credit can be useful. This increasingly common solution makes it possible to carry out without waiting the desired transformations in old housing.

The credit dedicated to the work: for which improvements?

Before applying for a loan to carry out work, several steps are necessary. It is important to know precisely the amount to be borrowed: bringing in craftsmen to obtain quotes or evaluating the materials needed for the renovation at the fairest price if you want to carry out the work yourself is the first step. Documents such as quotes and invoices will be required for the granting of your credit and then for the release of funds. Most restoration, energy-saving or refurbishment work on a home is accepted by banks and bank branches. It can also involve enlarging your home, financing capital goods or converting a non-living area into a living area. Preferential rates can be granted if, for example, you want to insulate part of your home or have a heating system installed that uses renewable energy.

Simulate your renovation loan online in a few minutes

The renovation credit can be simulated directly on the Internet in a few seconds. The procedure is free and does not commit the applicant in any way. Apart from the possibility of filling in the questionnaire at home, without pressure and in all objectivity, the Internet user is not pressed for time to respond to the offer. He or she can examine his or her proposal in detail before accepting or refusing it. Be careful, you must in any case check your ability to repay before accepting a credit. Despite the many facilities granted to defer a monthly payment, it may happen that the debt ratio is too high or that the applicant’s situation changes. The best thing to do is to make an appointment with a counsellor who is qualified to assess your financial situation and who can review your file. Note that if you wish to request a change in the repayment terms of your loan for any reason (change in your monthly payments or the duration of your credit), solutions can be found. Don’t hesitate to talk about it.

How long does it take to obtain a renovation and improvement loan?

After having simulated his credit and found out the amount of his monthly payment, the total duration of the repayment or the amount of interest, the Internet user can apply for financing online. Some bank branches provide an answer in principle within 10 minutes of sending the form. Here again, it is possible to abandon the action and not respond or, on the contrary, to continue by providing the documents requested to the advisor. In any case, there is a legal cooling-off period, which allows you to think again before making a real commitment. For those in a hurry, taking out a work loan can be very quick and particularly easy to do. Be careful however to read the legal notices often written at the bottom of the page to avoid unpleasant surprises. Good to know: the members of certain insurance companies or bank agencies benefit from some not insignificant privileges such as a preferential interest rate and a competitive loan insurance which covers the loan at 100% in case of death, permanent disability, total and irreversible loss of autonomy or temporary incapacity to work.

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